There are many factors that can alter the condition of your jewelry. Here are some tips on how to keep your beloved pieces as pristine as the day it was made:

  • Standard rule of thumb: Always put your jewellery on last when getting dressed. Perfume, hairspray, deodorant, lotion and other standard beauty supplies can cause discoloration and jewellery tarnishing.
  • When your silver jewellery becomes tarnished, remove the oxidation with a silver polishing or anti-tarnish cloth.

Gemstone Care

  • Before you start cleaning, it is important for you to know the structure of your gemstone. Although most gems will respond well to a gentle clean with mild soap, warm water and a soft brush, all gems have their own unique sensitivities. Always check if special care is needed prior to cleaning to prevent irreversible reactions.
  • We believe that jewelry is meant to be worn and not locked in a safe. However, keep in mind that scratches and dents can happen even if you are being careful. Although some gemstones are more ‘scratch-proof’ than others, do not assume a gemstone’s resistance to a type of exposure because all gemstones have different durability and hardness ratings. Always refer to the gem’s Mohs rating to determine its durability.

Paper Gem Care

  • Paper Gems are water-tight, encased and protected inside acrylic. 
  • Acrylic is durable and long-lasting with minimal care.  To clean your Paper Gems and keep it looking new, simply wipe with a microfiber cloth or clothes for cleaning your glasses/sunglasses.
  • If you accidentally cause scratches on the surface of your Paper Gem, apply a small amount of Novus Cleaner to a microfiber cloth and wipe the surface of your Paper Gem until scratches are removed.
  • Novus Plastic Cleaner is available worldwide, including Amazon, most hardware and art supply stores.
  • "Novus 1" is an anti-static formula which helps remove dirt and dust stuck on the surface of acrylic.  "Novus 2" is formulated to remove light scratches and cleans the surface of acrylic.  "Novus 3" is for deeper scratches and requires Novus 2 to be applied as the final step.  For more information about Novus products, visit their website here. 
  • Never use chemicals or solvents (ie Windex or glass cleaners) on acrylic.



Ordering & Payment


Pricing & Payment

All items are priced and charged in Canadian Dollars.

You can choose to pay with PayPal or Stripe when placing your order. When selecting this option at checkout, you will be directed to the PayPal/ stripe site to 'Log In' and review the amount shown before clicking 'Pay Now'. Once this transaction is complete, you will then return to to complete your order.


*FINE JEWELLERY, Monument Rings with South Sea/ tahitian/ akoya pearls

Our Monument rings with South sea, black tahitian and akoya pearls are fully customizable and are crafted specifically for each customer.  Once an order has been added to your shopping cart, you will be prompted to fill out an order form to fill in your customizations. within the following 1-2 days, our designer will hand pick a selection of pearls for you to choose from.  images will be emailed to you to ensure the focal point of your piece is exactly to your liking.  Please allow for additional production time due to this process.  We will keep you informed, in regards to production time and shipping details, along the whole customization process.